The Higher Self

The Higher Self

Hosted by: Danny Morel

The Higher Self is dedicated to guiding you through the journey of discovering your highest purpose, passion and potential in Life. Have a dream to get in better shape, heal relationships or even create true...


THS017 When You Discover There Is More To Life - Liz Regis

Season #2 Episode #17

In this episode, Danny hears an inspirational story from his student and dear friend, Liz Regis. She shares the emotional journey of how she was able to turn her personal and business life around with the help the...
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THS016 Breaking Out of the Box and Writing a New Story - DJ Gutierrez

Season #2 Episode #16

In this episode Danny speaks with DJ Gutierrez. DJ shares his story of joining the Marines at 17, learning how to break out of that socially-conditioned box, and through working with Danny, embarking on the journey...
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THS015 Ricardo Jimenez - Holding Up a Mirror and Changing Your Story

Season #2 Episode #15

In this episode, Danny shares an inspiring story from community member Ricardo Jimenez. Ricardo tells the story of how he was able to make the necessary changes to radically transform his business, his family and his...
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THS014 Olivia Audrey - Having the Courage to Go Within and Heal

Season #2 Episode #14

In this episode, Danny shares a recent Instagram Live with Olivia Audrey. Together they uncover the importance of dealing with unresolved trauma, how finding the light can create ripple effects in your family, the...
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THS013 Trusting the Journey and Finding Your Community with Tristan & David Messer

Season #2 Episode #13

In this episode, Danny invites community members Tristan and David Messer to the show to discuss their journey to finding their Higher Self with the help of the program and how it's improved the quality of their life,...
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THS012 Finding My Flow and Doubling My Income - Laura Miranda

Season #2 Episode #12

Danny interviews one of his students Laura Miranda and she shares an incredible transformation story. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
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THS011 The 3 Energies to Master in This Lifetime

Season #2 Episode #11

Danny shares a recent interview on the Walking on Feathers podcast with Kareen Boebel 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production by FullCast  
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THS010 Your Life is the Result of Your Creation

Season #2 Episode #10

This episode, Danny is invited to the Roadman Podcast and shares the importance of doing the deep work to find your life's purpose. Roadman Cycling Podcast - RESOURCES Website:...
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THS009 Finding Your Purpose by Going Within

Season #2 Episode #9

In this episode, Danny shares a conversation from the Spread Love podcast. He shares his personal journey of how he learned to be comfortable wit himself. He challenges the you to ask yourself why your are so...
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THS008 Healing The Mind Body and Soul

Season #2 Episode #8

In this episode Danny builds on that first Awakening step which he covered in Episode 7. Here he explains the importance of the next step, Healing and how it is impacted by and felt through the Heart, Mind and Soul....
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THS007 Awakening, How It All Begins

Season #2 Episode #7

In this episode, Danny tells the story of his early experiences with Christianity and the painful loss of his mother.He shares how these experiences gradually led him to embody his own awakening, on the path to...
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THS006 Opening Your Wealth Portal with Sara Morrell

Season #2 Episode #6

In this episode, Danny shares his conversation with Sara Morell and her students, where he shares his experiences and how letting go of old stories has allowed him to rediscover his passion.   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast...
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