THS003 Finding Abundance & Clarity in Life - John Rios

Season #2 Episode #3

In this episode, Danny welcomes John Rios to the show to discuss his inspiring journey to The Higher Self. John recently was diagnosed with a rare illness that nearly took everything from him. John takes the audience through his spiritual journey towards healing and the impact it has had on his physical health, his business and his financial situation. John speaks to the importance of being brutally honest with yourself, being vulnerable and putting in the necessary work to achieve the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Key Takeaways

00:01 – John Rios joins the show to share the story of how he met Danny and what inspired him to join Leverage 

06:28 – John speaks to the incredible benefits of working with Danny as his coach 

09:42 – John opens up about his past illness and how it has impacted his life 

13:12 – How healing his energy led to John’s physical body healing 

19:59 – John provides an update on his physical health and spiritual journey 

23:28 – John shares how his journey to higher self led to unbelievable financial prosperity 

28:42 – The impact this journey has had on John’s relationships 

31:03 – Advice John would give to others looking to achieve a higher self 

37:14 – What the Journey to Higher Self means to John 

40:45 – Danny and John provide their thoughts on true strength and why men in particular struggle with vulnerability 

44:33 – Danny and John talk about the therapeutic healing powers of Ayahuasca and mushrooms 

47:31 – Danny thanks John for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with him

48:05 – Danny provides a question for reflection and an actionable challenge for the audience

Tweetable Quotes

“I started my team out of desperation. When I first got sick, I would be hospitalized for weeks at a time and whatever momentum I had going would deplete. I was just losing business left and right. So for me I realized I need to build a team so that when I’m not available I can continue to create revenue and bring business in.” (05:38) (John)

“Healing myself in order to be relieved of the medication was such a revelation for me because I kept on thinking that something scientific or physically had to happen in order for me to make this change. But when I journeyed, it took me so deep within my spirit and mind that I was able to visually see this is where your trauma lies and this is how it’s showing up in your life on the physical end.” (18:58) (John)

“What the journeying and what the spiritual work has shown me is that I have the ability to completely stop [my illness] dead in its tracks.” (21:35) (John)

“The number one thing that I would recommend is – and I know it sounds so simple – brutal honesty and vulnerability.” (32:16) (John)

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” (34:03) (John)

“The Higher Self, to me, is your true self. It’s your unfiltered, one-hundred percent authentic self.” (37:46) (John)

“When we abuse drugs, it’s because we don’t respect ourselves, our family or our environments. But when you go down the route of plant medicine and you hold it in such a high regard for what it is – a tool – and you honor it in that way and understand its power, there’s so many things that will begin to open up for you to heal.” (46:08) (John)

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