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 You'll gain instant access to a library of content & 2 courses (Breakthrough and Mastering expired listings)

What is included:

  • Access to monthly live role play & skills mastery courses
  • Weekly business building classes
  • Weekly check-ins with your personal coach


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Our Flagship Program

 Join a community of high achievers making life changing transformations. For real estate professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level.

What is included:

  • Weekly group coaching sessions
  • 3 Leverage intensive (Members only) events
  • Personalized sales funnels
  • Weekly check-in with Danny Morel
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Breakthrough is an 8-week on-demand program. 

What is included: 

  • Weekly videos of Danny Morel and his team
  • Custom lead generation plan
  • Access to Danny’s personal lead follow-up system, and his best NLP closing strategies, techniques and scripts.  
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