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Breakthrough Real Estate Training teaches you the fundamentals of success in the real estate business. It is the first and only training program in the world that reveals how to operate your business without long hours, weekend work, or sacrificing your family for your career. 


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Why Breakthrough?


By enrolling in Breakthrough Real Estate Training, you can go from struggling for sales to generating a reliable income that finances a better life for you and your family.

Breakthrough isn’t for agents who just want to earn an occasional commission to supplement their income. This course is for ambitious people who want to go all the way—from building an income to building an empire.

Some of the most successful real estate agencies and mortgage lenders across the Americas use our programs to train their agents. In just 8 weeks, new agents ramp up their skills and income and pave the way for long-term success.

Now we’re making this online program available to individuals who want the best in real estate training at a price that’s affordable for anyone.

Facing the "Dirty Little Secret"

of the Real Estate Industry

There are nearly 1.5 million licensed real estate agents in the U.S alone and more than 300,000 licensed mortgage brokers. Real estate professionals at the top of the pyramid are among the highest income earners in the country. Yes, real estate is one of the best high-paying jobs in the world.

But it’s one of the worst low-paying jobs. The average income of real estate agents and mortgage brokers is scarcely above the national average of all U.S. employees. That means thousands are at the bottom end of the pyramid, working too hard to generate too little income.


Why Continue to Struggle?

Until you master the business side of real estate, you struggle with long hours, work every weekend, and can end up sacrificing your family for your career.

Without the right tools and skills, your success is behind a locked door—and you with a handful of keys that don’t fit the lock.

Today I’m handing you the keys so you can unlock that door.

I'm Danny Morel

I used real estate sales to lift myself out of a life of scarcity and into a life of abundance. Along the away, I observed that life is a struggle for many real estate agents and mortgage lenders. It doesn’t have to be that way. Those who struggle are limited not by a lack of ability but by a lack of tools and techniques.

With Breakthrough Real Estate Training, you get instant access to the same tools and techniques I used to build a real estate business generating $1.1 billion per year. I started the business from scratch and built it into a high-performing real estate machine that made me wealthy.

But had I achieved true success?

How I Fell into the Most Common Pitfall of Success

On the outside I had it all. But I was deeply unhappy. I had spent my life accumulating success to compensate for feelings of inner smallness. I had it backward: I was looking outside for what was already inside.

Sound familiar? 

I began a two-year journey to discover the root causes of my doubts, worries, and insecurities. I faced them all—and healed them. But I was no longer content to operate my business. I was called to guide people to the same healing and discovery I had experienced. 

So in 2020, I sold my company and began to teach others a more powerful path—from success on the inside to success on the outside.

How You Can Avoid My Mistakes

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you free their mind, heal their body, and quadruple their income — while working less. 

Some of my coaching clients come to me as struggling agents unable to afford even the necessities of life. By applying their knowledge and implementing better systems, many have joined the ranks of the highest-paid agents and brokers in the real estate business.

In Breakthrough Real Estate Training, I pull back the curtain and show you the full array of tools and techniques I used to build my real estate business. 

This is the only real estate training program that reveals how you can discover your true potential and build the life of your dreams without long hours, weekend work, or sacrificing your family for your career.

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Introducing Breakthrough

Real Estate Training

Breakthrough is our solution for agents who need to generate sales to live on, so they can master the business and start earning a great income. 

This 8-week online course is packed with video training, worksheets, and exercises—everything you need to go from struggling for survival to having a surefire system for generating a dependable stream of real estate sales.

Breakthrough Real Estate Training teaches you the real estate business from the ground up. It is the first and only training program in the world that reveals how to operate your business without long hours, weekend work, or sacrificing your family for your career.

If you’ve been searching for a way to ramp up your income, your search ends here. When you enroll in Breakthrough Real Estate Training, you’ll have a clear path to the career of your dreams.

Here's what to Expect


Mastering the mental side of selling

The very first lesson will absolutely change your business and your life. You'll discover the five minds that drive real estate transactions - from the moment you meet the prospect to the moment the deal closes.


Chart your breakthrough path

You'll create a personal plan for your breakthrough in sales, income, and lifestyle. Your plan will include specific strategies along with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tactics.


Organize your time to reach your goals

We show you how to increase your production while decreasing your time worked. This training has helped thousands of real estate professionals streamline their business and make time for the important things in life.


Design your dependable sales process

This process took me from working seven days a week closing 30 deals a year to working four-and-a-half days a week closing 150 deals a year.


Discover the secrets of sales psychology

To unlock your true sales potential, connect more deeply with clients and uncover what they're thinking, get them to share what they're feeling, and connect with them at a deeper level.


Convert more leads in less time

Analyze your end-to-end sales process and discover time wasters and roadblocks that are slowing you down. And as you eliminate them, the result will be an efficient sales process that unlocks the door to an easier business.


Turn objections into leads 

Discover how to handle the toughest objections your clients can throw at you - and master them! This is a process that uses your own words, your own style, and your own natural approach to calm your client's doubts and fears. 


Optimize your lead follow up system

Approximately 80% of your listings and sales will happen during follow-up. Discover my three-step follow-up process - the exact system I used to build three 7-figure businesses.  

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