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The ability to create the life of your dreams, heal your body, and receive financial peace and abundance already exist inside of you. 

The mind is a terrible master yet a wonderful servant. It's time you learn how to eliminate the thoughts keeping you from the life you deserve and replace them with consciousness, confidence, and clarity that are already within.

At Awaken Your Highest Self, you will learn that the mind sends out exactly what you want in life while the heart receives it.Fix what the mind sends out, heal the heart, and get ready for a life of unlimited potential. 

That’s the promise of Awaken Your Highest Self: To guide you in awakening your truest potential, purpose, and power; Danny will be there to guide you through this journey. Lives will be changed at this event. Will you be there to experience it yourself?


Meet your host

Danny Morel is an Awakening Guide dedicated to helping humanity awaken their life’s truest potential. He has helped hundreds of people transform their lives through his books, events, retreats, and seminars.

He empowers you to your awakening by showing you the roadmap he used to build and sell a one-billion-a-year-in-sales business, lose over 40 pounds, and create the life of his dreams.

Transformational stories of healthy weight loss, removal of illness, and the creation of financial freedom are common after attending his events. The foundation of his teachings are simple: Everything in a persons outer world (finances, health, relationships, etc.) is a reflection of the persons inner world.

Danny will guide you through healing internal fears and limiting beliefs you have unknowingly been living with since childhood. He will lead you to reconnect with your life’s truest potential, purpose, and power. 

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What to expect

Day 1

Discover the UNLIMITED
version of yourself.

Day 2

Experience and FEEL
your true Inner power.

Day 3

Quiet the mind, Heal the
body and create financial freedom.

Lessons, techniques & a mindset that will Awaken you

Master Inner Peace

Through Danny's mind quieting meditations you will acquire the tools to master your inner peace.

Discover & Eliminate the Negative

Thinking that keeps you from working out, building your dream business, and living the life of your dreams.

Reconnect & Heal

Reconnect with your Higher Self in a new, profound way and heal the past in order to freely create a new future!

Awaken Your Ability

To attract by reconnecting with your heart, the greatest magnet on the planet.

Available tickets



  • Get Online Access Via Zoom throughout the entire event from 9am-5pm
    Live breath work journey and meditation experience
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  • Get Online Access Via Zoom throughout the entire event from 9am-5pm 

    Full Access to All Sessions and experience the event from the comfort of your own home on any device






Affordable Pricing

Retreats of this quality and scope often cost thousands of dollars and are geared toward wealthy people. Our vision is to provide a life-changing experience in a beautiful setting at an affordable price.

Will you reach your full potential or settle for an unfulfilled life? 

Victoria Mendez

"I was a producing loan officer 3 years ago when I first attended Awaken your Higher Self. Today my business has grown more than 5 fold, I no longer produce as I now own a Leveraged business and my spiritual gifts I wasn’t even aware of have been unleashed. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this"

John Rios

"My awakening process has changed my life FOREVER! I literally healed an auto immune disease that would hospitalize me for weeks at a time , and once I did that ... MY BUSINESS AND INCOME TRIPLED! I'm blown away ... absolutely BLOWN AWAY."

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